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September 9, 2012

Time to clean the planet

Esotericist and healer, Armenian Ruben Papian, who was here last time two decades ago, some people in Slovenia recognize for his contributions in work with bio energies, the mental world and researching mankind. He is an advisor to several companies in Europe and the U.S., a researcher of the human brain, dreams and emotions. He researches shapes and colors that affect us and he is the creator of tools for detecting new talents. He looks mystical, almost magical, and very confident.

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August 10, 2012

All that will be tomorrow is an alternative for today

Ruben Papian is hard to categorize.  He’s a healer, teacher, founder of the Institute Ruben Papian, economist, personal adviser and a mystic.

-You do not intend to die?

-Quite the opposite. I can not wait. (He raised his voice) To miss the greatest mystery of life, which we call death? Absolutely not. Certainly I do not understand the historical human primitive religious idea that you have to fear death in order to live. And that as long as you live, you will be a slave to social systems. You were born to work. There are so-called tax systems in our lives. We have to pay to live. We always owe something to someone. To do something, to write, to love…

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