Time to clean the planet

Esotericist and healer, Armenian Ruben Papian, who was here last time two decades ago, some people in Slovenia recognize for his contributions in work with bio energies, the mental world and researching mankind. He is an advisor to several companies in Europe and the U.S., a researcher of the human brain, dreams and emotions. He researches shapes and colors that affect us and he is the creator of tools for detecting new talents. He looks mystical, almost magical, and very confident.

Interview with Armenian esotericist and healer Ruben Papian

He is about to open his Institute for parascience and esoteric this year, for example in the Netherlands or in Slovenia where everything that happens within the substance/matter, which can not be detected through our senses will be studied.

“If you ask me, in which state is our planet, I can say that the time for cleaning up has come.”

Misha Cermak talked to him.

-A few years ago you told us that image is extremely important. Do you have a mysterious image?

-Image is important, depending on what the person is involved in. In organizing a company image is important. I will judge lightly of my image that others call mystical. My image doesn’t let anyone to understand what I am.

-Do you know what and who you are?

-I know a little, not much. And sincerely: thank God for that, because if I would fully understand what I am, it would be the end of my development. Realistically, I can say I’m at the stage of intensive development only since 2005. Until then, I was going through a radical change. Unusual change for an average person. At first glance. I live in my own skin and I know how I feel each day. If you look at the speed, intensity and width of my development, I can say that I have had time to develop roots for four years and now I am blooming towards the sky.

-In the past you have declared yourself as energy therapist, counselor, healer. What are you now?

-It’s been a long time since I declared myself to people. Of course, my job requires communication, but not so much with public – my range has increased. And they classified me before, but what I used to be is secondary. Now I understand the functioning of the human mechanism far more deeply. I did not know that before, but not because it was stupid or I was not allowed. I’m more mature now.

-Are you talking about different sources of information?

-No. Each source, especially genes and what is in them, is profound. Everything starts from there. Details have emerged that torn apart my previous idea of ​​the system. It was a literal destruction, updating and modifying. I’d be lying if I would say that it affected me only slightly.

-Does it hurt?

-Yes. It hurts! I had to destroy what I was making for twenty years ago, because I realized that the system works differently. But your postulates can change if you are a strong person. I reorganized myself.

-But to be sure, tell me if you are still dealing with energy of human body, esotericism and other energies?

-I always help people. I’m still an esotericist. Energies and… People do not understand very well what it means.


-The easiest way is with electricity. A lot of things use it in order to work, from weapons to toothbrushes. The inventor did not know how it will be used and converted. So you can convert the same thing into different forms. The same applies to other forms of energy, like bioenergy. But what to do with it? Well, that’s where the knowledge hides.

-It is true that we ourselves are the largest producers of energy, which is reflected in all areas of our work?

-Not only us, it’s all in the nature. The largest producer of energy is what moves the fastest, energy is a consequence of the movement. Thought is the result of some movements, it is the final version…

-What’s the initial design?

-You still want to learn everything in a few hours! But first things first. In the nature the fastest change is the change of biological matter: cells. That’s why there is so many of us. If matter changes faster, more energy is created. If we multiply that by the number of cells in the body, we have created an abnormal energy. People are like wood on fire, when we sleep, the cells move more slowly, and when we are awake and emotional, intense energy is generated, biosphere is filled with it. We are here because we are required to maintain the cycle and enrich the system.

-We are a kind of wood for the Universe?

-On Earth, there are seven billion of people, add the flora and fauna to that… At only one planet, that is terribly big amount of energy that is generated. It is a constant explosions that takes place in one solar system, in the galaxy in which there are billions of solar systems, where there is life. So the Universe works the same way as the body.

-So we are all energy producers?

-Add that 70% of 100% of that energy is hidden energy – dark energy, people have no contact with it.

-And you have?

-It would be too bold to say that. I do not know. I have the ability to see something that is not visible to normal people. You need to be a little more than an ordinary person to see it.

-So there are creatures with combined energies that created our lives and beyond, our adaptability?

-We are absolutely dependent on the soup, in which we are being cooked. Imagine that each of us is a pea, which produces energy. All in a pot where the soup is cooked. It is clear that peas depend on water, its temperature and, of course, peas will also affect the water, but the peas is peas, he is not aware of the water. Well, why should you be aware of it? Maybe it’s because the energy that surrounds you is not visible, but it is formed and you can customize it. To tell you the simplest: like when it rains and depression appears.

-And you see that energy? You can help in that way?

-I can help, but for that kinf of help you don’t need a rank as high as mine.

-What is it that you can do by yourself?

-I can teach a real human to take a step outside himself. I can step outside of myself too.

-Explain please …

-Willingness of a human to change, it’s like the willingness of the soup to boil.

-What do you feel when you examin the body of the client as a healer?

-I feel absolutely everything! Human has five senses that actually cover the same range of frequencies, which we call the energy: eye is responsible for vision, nose to smell and so on. These senses complement each other so the system could understand what’s going on around him.
This system works when you sleep too, and it works the best when you are sleeping. When you wake up, chaos begins.

-Let’s go back to the question…

-The range of frequencies of energy that we can detect is enormous. Sharks, for example, detect a drop of blood at a distance of five kilometers. Birds are returning home from the other side of the world, in the same period in which the dogs do too. There are parameters that they themselves do not know. If we get the opportunity to expand the possibility of learning through our senses, what would that be? We were not taught how to look or listen, this science is still in the future, and if a part of it is already here, it is not built for today’s people. It is for superman. The world needs ordinary people because they are easier to control.

Our society is a sophisticated society of slaves. It is a social slavery. Realistically no one controls us, but if you ask whether there is a hierarchy among the people – yes, there is!

-Please explain.

-Imagine that you’re, say, a divine creature who lives in his home and in his kitchen there are seven billions of small flies and each one thinks it’s something special.

-So I am a fly despite the idea of ​​”my superiority”?

-Yes. But you’re another form, you see, seven billion of bugs are there that think they are smart. People have made up that they are the rulers of nature. Each bug is the work of God, but they are not God themselves. It is God who enables the existence and functioning to them.

-Who are those that consider us bugs and why is it so? Are we just ordinary puppets?

-We are not puppets, we have a problem. Lets say that the higher race is biologically more innovative than the one that human originated from.


-If you go to Africa among the tribes outside of civilization, there you will be equated with God. At the beginning you will be interested in that, but in ten years you will not be interested in it anymore, because you won’t seem the same to them. You’ll still be great, but you will feel degraded.

-Who do you think is the higher race?

-Darwin has convinced us that we evolved from apes, but humans that inhabited this planet are artificially settled here. People do things that nobody else does: they destroy, they change… And they say, they build. That excuse is weak and unnatural in an otherwise completely balanced situation. It is artificial. If you look at the behavior of a being called human, it does not follow the natural regime, and fifty years ago that led to the crisis and now to the disaster. The planet can not sustain it, there is an imbalance in the system – and all that to our credit, all thanks to us, artificially inhabited people.

-What is the higher race then?

-We call them higher race – it is a civilization that once came to this planet with enough technology to develop our own. It didn’t have to come by itself, the most important thing was the gene.

-So we are a part of that race?

-Yes, every person carries the gene, in itself, a gene that is part of each of our cells and thus leads to evolution, because a gene is transferred and carried on thousand times.

-Higher race sounds very nacistic…

-I’m not the smartest guy in the world. All of this was already known at the beginning of the last century, therefore, World War I took place, and the World War II happened in order to come to that knowledge. The concept of multiple races is not new. Germany already in World War I wanted to find the roots of humanity. Throughout history there’s no army that did not go through Egypt and Israel. Why, what hides there?

-And will that “higher race” come to fix us, because there are too many of us?

-Uh, uh. That’s the work of man, in the negative sense. They are our ancestors. They are similar to humans, and we are at the level of bugs compared to them. Why crush the bug, if you know that your genes are the same? No, they think much wider and deeper. We are destroying ourselves. But if you ask me what is the state of our planet, we can easily say that it is time to clean it up.

-Do you communicate with them?

-I’m not the only one, I am one of many who can communicate. But the way I see it all? I’m too small, but I’m not just a bug that thinks it’s a smart bug, I look in the mirror and see that I am bug.

-Does cleaning mean war?

-Cleaning … War is a little more difficult because each bomb affect the form of the economy. This is already happening now. Our civilization is now in a period of radical change.

-All this is happening under the planned  supervision?

-Unfortunately no, because there are seven billion of bugs. Each of them thinks she knows something. Sometimes a step back is needed to reorganize the system itself, something should fall appart, so that other things could come together. It creates a new system. All economic problems, new diseases, it’s all part of the change. I do not have more information and can not have.

-Are you able to influence it?

-From my position I could not easily affect it. The year 2005. was difficult for me because everybody started “playing monkey” in the sense I want-I do not want … With the forces that are in me, I could not do it.

-What can you do within your power?

-I can not say that I should do something, but actually I am receiving signals by watching.

-What needs to be changed in Slovenia?

-Nothing. This can be explained easily, I am coming here occasionally for twenty years in order to maintain mutual social contacts. Slovonia should not deal with these global issues, and there is no need for that. These changes are not so healthy. And if we talk about future changes, Slovenia will be a part of them. Like all states.

-Slovenia is safe?

We will not use the word safety. Because it does not exist. As long as there’s hungry children in the neighbour countries, as long as migrations occur, there will be no safe country. Migrations go against you. I want to say that what comes will stimulate global migrations. I’m talking about millions of people! Can you imagine the reorganization of the water, those events on Earth every five thousand years, when the North and South Poles switch places? The Earth is beginning to change.

-What do you think will happen to England?

-There are maps, modern versions of maps, which show the changes in magnetic fields. Water, if you look at the ebb and flow, is depending on the movement of the moon. If only slightly larger comet falls down, it will be the end of it. England is an island, it would almost disappear.

-And that recalls a scenario we’ve seen in a movie, which tells about a new ice age?

-It’s not in the context of icing! Think of it this way: if the water level on Earth rose then we’re talking about twenty million people who are affected by it!

-Where are you in all that?

-I do not know, it does not matter. When the time comes, I’ll get the signal.

-You are well known in the Netherlands, where part of your family lives.

-I’m there a lot, I come and go to that country with intention. What I now mean is that there is a reason for it. You have to have talent, no one needs to be stupid anymore when we already smart.

-Being “stupid” means not thinking too much and not noticing everything?

-That’s it! Without exercise. Again, shark, which at a distance of five kilometers felt a drop of blood, is not smart, but dumb enough to feel just a drop of blood.

-And what do you apprehend?

-Shit! Great migrations. Large number of people will die. Reorganization of human society, a new economic system. And all that within the next hundred years. A human grows, he changes the world and his priorities, understandings, desires – it is all about humankind! What kind of relationship we have with the human, who lived ten thousand years ago? He was a human, but we do not look at him as a human. There has been a transformation. A human is not simple creature to us, and in fact we are all just humans. Imagine: a thousand years from now, human will discuss how some Ruben spoke about the future with some newspaper journalist who was pressing some buttons – we will look like morons to them.

-What are time and space?

-What do I know? These categories are not defined.

-What about that opinion that time and space do not exist?

-No time, no space. These categories do not exist. The space changed, but the same things in the same correlations are still there. This is the concept of the fifties, that changed everything. But categories are always there.

-Was there a step forward in our understanding of that phenomena during those years?

-No, that happened much later. To begin adaptation, mankind requires three hundred years. For the completion of this process, which is not yet complete, it takes a thousand years. All that would go faster, but do not forget the opposing forces, dissenting opinions, as well as new economic system for the new human modules. The system is not uniform. Each will have its own module and that is where there will be a conflict.

Unfortunately mankind is not smart enough to realize in what direction to move, each segment of mankind has its own way and each segment thinks he is right. So there is a conflict.

-The changes for future development? Why?

-The question is not why. This planet has its breathing, its way of life, which is changed every five thousand years. It is the evolution of everything. It has its own pace. And human, this great race, is nothing more than a small, thin part of the system. You need to absolutely adjust to the system, the opposite is not working.

-What is the system?

-We can call it God.

-He feeds himself?

-Yes, the system also exists to feed itself. It’s a pot of soup, where everything is cooked. But because we are small, microscopically small, we can not imagine its size! On our small and microscopic base we imagine God as we can understand it.

-What do you do in that soup?

-I? Nobody asks what I’m doing. I am pea in the soup and that’s it.

-So why there has been a transformation of humanity in such a painful, aggressive way?

-Because we are only bugs, because humanity is at a lower level of intellectual development. Everything we see and live is in a social slavery. We did not get the exclusion from slavery, we only transformed it into another form. We’re like an animal in a botanical garden, they enlarged our cage and that gave us a sense of freedom.

-Isn’t that the same as the mental adjustment of the brain that gives a sense of freedom, a sense of change?

-That’s exactly what I said! You do not belong to yourself, you belong to us, the state! State is the structure of some people’s thoughts, the structure that increased in size. The system of slavery has not changed – it’s a tax system: the man was born in debt, therefore, he does not live freely, he lives in debt and we call that economics. The new system incorporates the principles of economics of freedom: who is born does not owe anything to anyone, neither are you required to exist. The existence is duty, but breathing, energy (water, food) does not belong to anyone, it’s just there. Those are the largest traded goods. But I’m talking about the principle of freedom that will appear in another hundred years. Mankind is changing! Surely we have to give something in order to get something, but now we are giving only to exsist…

Ruben Papian was born forty-eight years ago in Yerevan, capital of Armenia. In Moscow, he studied architecture, medicine and psychology, but devoted himself to the study of mystical and esoteric phenomena, processes that occur inside, but by our senses are not being detected. In the last decade of the last century he moved to Belgrade. There he worked for four years, he lived shortly in Slovenia and from there he went to Holland, where he worked as an economic adviser to various corporations and celebrities from the world of politics and the entertainment industry. He is a healer and founder of the Institute Ruben Papian, he is also a teacher, counselor, lover of music and he has extraordinary talent for learning foreign languages. He speaks five languages fluently. He works in the Netherlands, United States (Los Angeles) and in Belgrade, and reportedly is expected to form a “branch” of his Belgrade Institute in Slovenia.


The human race is capable of thinking and every thought is complexly formed. Thoughts are like radio waves, they are everywhere, they transform and adapt. In the upper atmosphere there is thin layer of potentials that consolidated. The infosphere is a layer that can store frequencies of mental waves. Our mental waves, human waves. And now imagine, all that what in the mind of humankind was produced over hundreds of thousands of years is consolidated in infosphere. It’s all there! It’s like the internet and we are connected to it. This is mental internet, our heads constantly produce thoughts, signals.

And you?
I’ve learned to work with my “computer” that has a permanent connection to it. But since my conscious parameters changed, they understand better your mental structure and they are able to choose the right mental signals. I change, reprogram people through the Internet. It would take ten years to mathematically express that at this level. I’m talking about the parameters of the development of vision, hearing, that give me the right information about the person sitting across me, and I’m not talking about whether the person is good or bad, but what the person is made of… I want to say that the biggest key in communicating with a person is my ability to transform myself into a form that is compatible with the form of that person.

Source: “Misteriji – Čas za čišćenje planeta”, 2009 February, Slovenia

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