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September 9, 2012

Time to clean the planet

Esotericist and healer, Armenian Ruben Papian, who was here last time two decades ago, some people in Slovenia recognize for his contributions in work with bio energies, the mental world and researching mankind. He is an advisor to several companies in Europe and the U.S., a researcher of the human brain, dreams and emotions. He researches shapes and colors that affect us and he is the creator of tools for detecting new talents. He looks mystical, almost magical, and very confident.

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August 10, 2012

Ruben Papian – More than a doctor

Famous researcher of human brain, expert in esotericism and parapsychology, man who can and wants to help people. You will agree that people like him are very hard to come by today. We are very glad we found one. We suggest you to pay attention to the conversation with Ruben Papian, after which it will be easier for you to live, because you will make sure, like I did, that it’s possible for people to be saved. Even then when they don’t believe it themselves.

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